So I've had my "emergency meeting" with my manager about me leaving.

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As some of you advised I prepared to try my best to stay exceptionally calm for this.

First my line manager just casually asked if I could stay. I politely explained "no. :)"

Then she said it's a catastrophe, they would be in a chaos, etc etc and then she personally assures I would have less bs meetings mid-sprints (one of the things I had requested a while back).
I responded that's kind but I also was far from what I should be earning.

Then she explained that suddenly now that I am leaving it would not be a problem to raise my salary as appropriate.
So I asked why could they not do this when I had brought this up a ton of times earlier and why I got peanuts as a raise in summer.

The response was that "they unfortunately could not get a higher budget authorised from higher up" and that " sadly that affected the whole team".

So I asked since when can they get this authorised and the response was "recently". Then she quickly switched back to the question whether I'd stay with higher salary and other earlier requests met.

I was pretty salty at this point so I just sarcastically said "unfortunately I've already signed".

She then switched back to "ok, ok, but we really need your help! you know it, the x project will be a nightmare to keep in one piece without me".

I literally just didn't respond so then she continued "ok so then can you then help us out for just a few hours a month for x/hour? please"

Now the thing is that this last offer actually would have been super compelling but given everything else I would not want to rejoin this environment. Thankfully I had to say anyways that my new contract doesn't allow that.

So then belive it or not, she asked me if I could ask my new employer to change the contract to permit me to still work a few hours a month for them.
What. the. fuck.

After this I was super done so just kept responsing a few words to everything and shortly after that we called the meeting. I feel dumb to have stayed here so long and am glad that my new contract doesn't allow working for others as maybe my stupid ass would have considered the offer on the spot.

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    What a nice manager! No blamegame, no anger, no embarasement, no bs.
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    If mgmt ever admits a mistake the universe will contract in a violent collapse wherein quantum wormholes will shred their entanglement entropy into causally distinct globs of puss.
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    Paint half your face blue, don a kilt and a dirk and run over a hill shouting the word we are all thinking of.
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    @FuckiOS I admit mistakes, but I also feel like I'm expected to never make any mistakes since I'm the one telling people what needs to be done. When a manager makes a mistake people rage, when someone on the team makes a mistake we let it go and give them more support.
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    ­čîłthey're desperate­čîł
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    @AlmondSauce oh, don't worry, I am running
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    Congrats on the new job!

    Guess they finally understood your worth and didn't even think about starting with giving you a decent raise until you mentioned the difference.

    As said in the other rant, best thing you could do was make the move. Better chances of moving up. Especially now you can focus on your new job. Transition is tough enough without extra work tracked on. Focus on the future!
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    I wonder why people take so long to learn that the way to ask for a raise is to have another offer handy.

    There might be places that will give you a raise if your ask nicely. But most of the time your manager really needs hard and concrete evidence to justify the request for the higher ups.

    It is not a dick move to ask for it after you've got another offer. It is actually the nice thing to do, it makes the decision so much easier for everyone involved.
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