I committed a pr which got accepted to a big open source project… and that’s good! I should feel better about my skills!

(Imagine the following as the Simpsons meme where they go: and that’s good, and that’s bad)

But it was just documentation… and that’s bad… maybe I should not feel better about my skills…

But it may save two or plus hours to the next dev who doesn’t understand what’s going wrong! And that’s good! So I should feel better about my skills cause I spent time debugging and going into details and understanding what was happening just to produce a better documentation!

But I have lack of certain vitamins and a bit of depression.
“And… is that good?”
“No, it’s bad, you should feel ashamed of your skills and about the way you answered someone twenty years ago!”

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    Documentation based PRs are always very welcome. So long as they're actually doing something useful of course.

    If you're spamming PRs with random bits of whitespace or meaningless comments then yeah, you should feel bad. If you've made a meaningful contribution, you should feel good.
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    - visual improvements (two sections were hard to browse cause not correctly splitted)
    - specified missing dependencies
    - specified maximum dependency versions
    - added bugfix (just import order, but to new people it can be annoying)
    - corrected incorrect build script example

    Overall I’m happy, but not believing in myself makes me always underplay it, that’s also why I joke about it, helps me accept it was helpful
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    @piratefox. I think... Well, it's only my personal opinion. That you should feel good about your contribution.
    I also feel, and again, it's only my personal opinion. That is up to you.

    You did something. Invested time and effort and it's natural that it makes you feel proud about it. But it seems that you where inmediatly stricked by one of your inner voices. The voice of fear. The one that punishes us, that convince us to stop moving. And also that is natural. Almost everyone has that voice in our consciousness that hinders us. That voice, that part of our consciousness is not actually bad. It's a self reflex for protection. It's function is to protect us from danger. But sadly that comes with the cost of losing freedom
    I recommend you, that If you understand and feel identified with what I'm saying, then. You should do this:
    1.- Acknowledge that fear. Try to see what is trying to protect you from
    2.- Ponder if you will follow it or if ignore it.
    3.- Release it. Forget it.
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