Has anybody here ever thought of a really good idea, actually developed it all the way to the end, released it AND made a financial or worthwhile success of it? Interested in seeing/hearing your success stories and checking out the work.

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    @ojt-rant give the people more time, some are at work and some are still asleep due to timezones. 40 minutes isn't nearly enough to get answers.

    thought for me personally, no. haven't had any particularly good ideas that I'd change to commercial success. I'm mostly making quality of life stuff for myself and friends
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    @Hazarth quality of life improvements are deemed worthy. Feel free to elaborate
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    I made and gave rights to my employer in exchange of turning it open source, so I could work on it during work time instead of waiting all day long to play with it. Now I'm planning into turning it into a full SaaS with the company I work for as co-owner, but I need to talk to them first.
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