Anyone else realllllllly hate hearing the sound of their voice played back? I had to record some little videos of a short user process today and oof! My accent is much stronger than I thought it was

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    I can’t stand mine either.
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    Same. As soon as I realise how I actually sound, I tend to feel embarrassed whenever I speak for a while afterwards
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    That's very common for humans in general.
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    @iiii such specific, wow.
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    Argh, I hate to be called out 😫
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    Post it to see if we hate it too
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    You probably just need to get used to it by listening to it more, but you can also change how it sounds like by training.
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    @electrineer I'm happy enough to keep it, as it's a very specific one to a small island. It just throws me when I hear it as I tend to assume I've lost it living away from home for most of a decade
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    Until relatively recently it was pretty rare for anyone to hear their own voice as others do. Apparently it was a big shock when people started to hear themselves. There's a story that PG Wodehouse (the writer of the Jeeves and Wooster books) tried to use an early dictation device, but was so shocked at how his voice sounded he abandoned it.
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