Why the fuck why are tslint and prettier are always sucking their dicks and fuck each others asses.

Do you know this moment when you think:.... 🤔 They have millions of downloads, why do I bother formatting my code so much. Mabye all this people are smarter and saving so much time.

Then you set up eslint and prettier adjusting 10000k rules just to find eslint and prettier five minutes later in one file fucking their asses again how to indent on save😠😱

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    I absolutely hate both of it. I fucking use a jetbrains IDE that has built in formatter & linting. I don't need to download them from npm again.
    even VS code has formatter & linting extensions. why people still add them in the dependencies?
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    Is webstorm working well with TS and does a good job with formatting an save?
    I mean it is not that expensive but as a hobbiest aka startup with no money, I hesitated to buy it so far.
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    I hate Prettier because not only is it inflexible, it's proud of it.
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    When collaborating with other people they make sense…

    Those couple of hours you spend to fix something like your case happen to be way less annoying than all the pr garbage for imports being sorted differently, add space here, remove space there blablabla
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    That's one fine example of a case where Prettier fails.
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    Also, named JSON entries, like Babel plugins

    ["myPlugin", {
    "prepareOnly": true
    ["3rdPartyHack", {
    "setting": "foo"
    [" myPlugin", {
    "inputFormat": "prepared"
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    @Xoka Sir, those formatters exist so that you can run them in a headless fashion without an IDE.
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