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    It's a meme, but it's a rant... Ok, it's acceptable 😄
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    I only ever do that when it's an escape check in a loop i.e.

    if (x == null) continue;

    I never get why someone would write any multi-line logic next to it.
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    I only do it if it's a one-liner, like "arr[i] = somevalue"
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    Sometimes I'm guilty of this if the statement is very short.
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    That is standard for 1st graders in the 1st semester of this one subject in my uni. Me, having an itty bit of experience from a subject I'd had the year before (2y ago now), knew how to indent. Whenever I looked at a fellow colleague's code (who hadn't had a subj like the one I had) I was very confused because everything was in a single line and I couldn't make much of it at a first glance 😐
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    Makes me cry if I have to use an ide that does that by default 🐸
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