A relative told me that if I were actually smart I would be getting other people do development work for me.

He is also very wealthy. Clearly wealthy off the backs of dumb people.

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    I read something similar on HN/reddit. Devs who aren't good at communication will end up working for those who are.
    I'm reminded of this every now and then recently.
    I feel that's true and it is not easy to end up working for someone who's not only good at communicating but also a good person and maybe a good dev.
    I'm anxious because I am more of a communicate enough to work for someone else person than a communicate enough to lead person.
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    @anux Reminds me of that line "if you don't make a decision, circumstances will make one for you".

    Tough lesson to learn, but one that once you do, a lot of things get easier, and a lot of work related bullshit becomes a lot easier to spot and deal with.
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    @ComputerToucher that's spot on. I'm still figuring out where I would be happy. Everyone has a boss after all.
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    How did I get this tagged to the wrong week? It is supposed to be wk287. Maybe I started to write one for wk280 and it stayed in the submit tags.
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    I have started businesses in the past and etc.

    I became a dev because I wanted to know the ins and outs of dev work before I started my software company. Now it is obvious to me that it is waaaaay easier to hire decent administrative staff than it is to get a good team of developers. So when I start my company I will build operations around engineering l and run on skeleton crews of administrative. Since useless administrative people cost more than engineering for most orgs.
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    Dumb people? How about pretty much everyone on the planet?

    I would call them people without options, the unwary, or people who want to live peacefully, and not have to think about it all. They just take the system as given, and sometimes they have to.

    It's just how capitalism works. Capitalism relies on this. Imagine if everyone were "smart" - who would be working their asses off to make others richer then?

    Why do you think zero or negative unemployment never happens on purpose? Why there are all these piles of capital-less have nots? If they did not exist, neither would the system.
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