My friend just committed 24000 changes. RIP project ☠️⚰️

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    Well, he might have just prettyfied all the source code, there's still hope
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    @imerljak or worse, fucked up line endings, indentation style etc
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    Make sure he didnt just deleted everything and pasted a new project there...
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    @KnightsOfCode well I usually do around 10 commits a push, I split the changes down to each file and not pushing all changes with a single commit. Makes stuff clearer.
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    @Mayhem93 Botched line endings sounds probable. I just hade someone fork one of my GitHub repos and do just that.

    So, did he fix his settings and make a new fork? Nope. He fixed the line endings and made a new gargantuan commit. That way, he wont be able to track differences between our forks as they diverge. Genius. Pure genius.
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    @Grumpy or he could reset to an earlier commit then push force on his fork
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    Sounds like npm dependencies, or the composer vendor folder.
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