What do you think about onecoin/ onelife? Have you heard of it? They offer pretty good deal, but is it worth the money?

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    Welcome! Have your first ++.

    I'm still on the sidelines vis a vis cryptocurrency. Still not sure it's not a trap. 😉
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    Bro, just fyi, tags don't require the hash tag and are comma separated.
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    What's wrong with bitcoin
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    dude one coin is a fucking scam, it's not a officially registered crypto currency, hell u won't even be able to find it on the list of crypto currencies page on Wikipedia

    just don't waste ur money
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    @DeveloperACE Nothing wrong with bitcoin. But onecoin value is 9.85euro and they said that it will rise to 25euro within 13 months, and that means profit. @leviathan07 that is exactly why i ask, they claim that you get 2500e for 690e, for 2 years of mining. It sound too good to be true. If its better to mine ether ,btc, dash or zcash i would do that instead.
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    My two cents:
    1) use something more well known and widely used, like bitcoin
    2) don't mine, bitcoin mining isn't worth it unless you have a better rig than like 80% of the server farms mining bitcoin
    3) treat it like you would an investment in any other stock. The price of all these cryptocurrencies fluctuates, so it's just as easy to make money as it is to lose it.
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