I have the absolute greatest and nicest front-end developer in the world.

Today I was being given all kinds of praise for putting something on a site that the client loved and it seems to be getting the conversions they want. I felt really bad taking the praise because I didn't design it. The front-end developer designed it for me and gave me a picture of what she thought the client wanted and I built it. So I passed on all the compliments to her and told her that everyone was super happy with it.

She accepted the thanks but then floored me telling me that she didn't feel like she did anything and that my job was more important. We started arguing about who was more important.

"I accept that your designs do nothing without my back-end code, but without your designs no one would ever use anything I made."

She responded by sending me a list of sites with terrible designs that people use daily. And continued to tell me how much more important back-end is than front end.

If she wasn't 1500 miles away I might have kissed her. I needed to hear that today.

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    She's suffering from imposter syndrome, I think. It takes a Team to produce a product. You need to let her know that. Kudos to both of you!
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    @iAmNaN I totally agree we're a team. If either of us should feel the imposter syndrome it should be me as the only "uneducated" person in the office. But I definitely make sure she knows how much I appreciate her design work and touching up (read: redesigning) things I build.
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