Facebook is a giant piece of shit. Not only is their platform a massive contributor to mental illness, even their API's are fucking garbage. I'm trying to use their ads API and what it does is it hijacks the entire fucking request so you can't even extract data from the request after calling it. Fuck Facebook and everything they've ever "contributed" to society.

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    Facebook has contributed to society?

    Could have fooled me.
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    @atheist they contributed a pile of shit to society
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    If you use an "ads" API, you obviously just got what you deserve.
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    it is also one of the biggest platforms using React for their client that funny enough does not work, even though they invented that shit l-o-l
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    @Oktokolo how the fuck else would I send conversion events to their shit platform? It’s required ever since apple crippled their tracking. What a stupid take.
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