7 monthos ago, i invested a ridiculus amount of money on crypto. The day this month i decided to buy a battery for my loved laptop, i was notified that this crypto had doubled its price. Thanks Lord My God, i said, without any work and stress, i had 100% profit, i would totally buy the battery from the new money, i converted them all in euros, and started my odyssey.

Well, the platform, need 2fa to withdraw your money. But it did not inform you, it only had a popup saying "Reming me later".

WTF means "remind me later", for me it is something optional!!!! No red colours, no messages like (try again, your transactionr requires this ) etc.

Time is the only resource that do not come back, and i feel that my profit is already less, since the hour i spent searching, and searching, and then searching the chat (which is very well hidden...) and then chatting, and then writting this rant, i could have worked for the same amount of money.....

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    @rutee07 read more carefullly, i made my crypto in euros the first moment i realized it doubled he price. greed is a sin.

    i was volatile-proof, i just couldnt withdraw them
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    @rutee07 yes i got the money but the ui/ux cause me a lot of frustation (:P)
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    I have a one-year term deposit in the bank. But I find interest rates low, not enough to offset inflation and consumer prices. I want to withdraw all to invest. But real estate is freezing, some places show signs of lowering prices. Stocks continued to shake, not seeing strong recovery momentum.

    I have an acquaintance who advises to buy Bitcoin and leave it there after 4-5 years, it will definitely be profitable. But I feel insecure, so I still want to invest in other channels, instead of putting all of it into cryptocurrencies.

    Thanks for the expert advice, thanks!
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    I also don't know how to do this
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