Recently helped someone with a Spark project and encountered “reactive JS” for the first and hopefully last time. Never minded using JS but happy to admit that it’s a dumpster fire design-wise…one that Spark engineers apparently decided didn’t have quite enough petrol on it.

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    Rxjs is pretty common in some environments and it’s not so crazy, the only thing is that automated testing was written by someone very drunk
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    @piratefox I don't know that it's exactly the same as RxJS (could be, just reading up now), they also call it Declarative JS in the docs - with this you can't, or can very rarely, directly set a property eg position.x, you subscribe position to a signal and have this control it independently. Trouble is, the project required lots of direct setting of values, which made doing this an absolute round-the-houses.

    I do see some appeal in the idea in certain cases, perhaps there was a neater solution than the one we found - and I get that Spark is a platform designed to lock non-coders into the Meta ecosystem as readily as coders, this is perhaps a lot easier to grasp or copy/paste than lower-level logic - but it felt like an Apple-style "you ARE doing it this way" moment to me.
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