This is not really a job and I didn't get paid money for it, but I hope it counts.
I am in college now. There are a bunch of eateries on campus, and while I was at one, I started talking to the owner. The guy was an entrepreneur and had a whole bunch of outlets across various college campuses. One thing led to another, and I agreed to make an Android app for his outlets that would allow customers to place orders for home delivery.
It takes me and a friend a few weeks to get it ready, but we managed to do it. Also we made a website for the administration and viewing of orders.
In return for this, the owner offers me unlimited free food at his outlet.
It's been almost two years since I made it, and I still get free food.

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    O.o who said it wasn't a job? Goods were exchanged for services. And it should be on your resume. And if you still have the code, you should template it and sell it. Talk to the owner and their employees, find out how to improve it. Get paid.

    Not a job? Pfft, I work so I can get money to buy food. You just cut out the middleman lol
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    Nice, well done. In Australia we have a Barter tax... Yep. Not sure if anyome has ever paid a Barter tax but it's there.
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