... so... maybe not that much of a thing, but i think it is:

a gal (27 years old) i started teaching programming two weeks ago, who had literally no previous experience with programming, algoritmization nor c#...
... just now, after 3 lessons of 6 hours altogether, and after yesterday when i explained to her what arrays are and reminded her what loops do...

... invented bubble sort. on her own. no googling. on paper. no "trial and error code typing and running".

i'm actually pretty proud of her :)

... putting the algo concept into actual code will still be a bit of a struggle, but yeah, hell, can't help thinking that she's actually pretty smart :)

(p. s. fist lesson was i drew uml of a fibonacci algo and forced her to understand what it does, second lesson was i explained the minimum required c# syntax for her to be able to implement it and forced her to write it (with as little help as i could), third lesson was the concept of array and "okay, now here's array of numbers, make a function that will sort them")

looking forward to what will happen when i explain recursion and nudge her towards quicksort O:-)

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    That reminds me of my first unofficial lesson on algorithms.

    A neighbor and friend of the family worked for the US Department of Defense, and one day he posed a problem to 9 or 10 yo me: There's a satellite in orbit, and it has minimal processing so there's no fancy things it can do. It has a long list of numbers it needs to put in order, and it knows how many of each number there are. How can it put them in order?

    It took me a few nights, but I managed! I don't remember the algo anymore, but it was very similar to the counting sort algo. I was so proud of myself! I think he was, too. my parents didn't care.
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    @Root yeah, as i read it, i remembered that counting sort exists :)

    nice :)
    also, i have a feeling i already read that story from you here, some months ago.

    i should try and get better in making up the real-world contextual fluff, the idea of telling a sattelite on orbit what to do is probably a cool factor motivator, but so far i've only been working in pure abstract with her, not much fluff about possible real-world applications XD.
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    She must be really gifted
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    @TeachMeCode okay, NOW i know i wasn't making too big a deal of it, because i can recognize that you are doing that =D

    thanks for the reassurance :)
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    @Midnight-shcode Yes, I told that story on here before. But it fit here so well :)
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    I remember doing the same thing on my own. I think bubble sort is somewhat intuitive and probably not as scientific as one may think
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    If she did quick sort on her own I would be blown away though
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    @AlgoRythm i don't think she will be able to, but we'll see. right now, she's kinda regressing because she's not giving it the time it needs.
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