Kinda pissed. Ordered a WD red plus 8TB on November 20th from newegg along with some other stuff. He drive showed up DOA on the 26th, tested everything I could to make it work. But in the end I couldn't even get it to initialize.

Ok. No problem this happens. request a return and replacement.

Got that in today. Over 2 weeks later. Fucking EXACT same problem.

and just to make sure I'm not fucking crazy I grabbed a 1tb thats been sitting on my desk unused for years. Plugged that into my NAS. Works fucking perfectly. Even able to pull it and wipe it using my USB drive reader on my desk after. I can even fucking reinitilize it back and forth from mbr to gpt.

Not asking for replacement this time. Just refund. Gonna order directly from WD. If this one fucks up I'm switching to Seagate for a couple of years

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    Well.. You know what the Rabbi's father used to say... If someone calls you a horse... :)
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    I hate to accuse Newegg of this, but they might be low on stock and just sending out returns as fresh drives.

    Fry’s Electronics did that. They would quite literally take a drive from the returns department, repackage it, and put it back on the shelf. A “friend” of mine returned a drive (it was developing bad spots), bought another (same brand/size) the next week, and got his same drive back. He didn’t wipe it before returning because it was for an OS project we were working on, and it just had garbage from testing on it. He was also kind of an idiot. He returned it again and complained, but naturally the returns clerks were also idiots and had no idea what he was talking about.
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    @Root New Egg got caught a few years ago pulling this crap.
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    I believe they are making hdds to fail, to force us to evolve to ssd..
    I lost 2 hdds in less than a year with all my data
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