I'm new commer in the field of Java... Initial days, it seems like difficult

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    Is it really difficult to learn java without IT background?
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    Not sure what you expect us to respond...
    Like first job welder without a welder brackground will be difficult,
    riding a F1 car without race background will be difficult...

    What are your expectations ?
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    If you don't have an IT background, you're not learning Java, you're learning programming (that happens to be in Java). Or you can say you're learning both, but the main thing is what's happening and not so much the specifics of the language.
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    @Grumm i want to get in this field, want to adopt this career
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    run while you can
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    Of course its hard if you are new to programming. What did you expect? Become professional in 1 week?
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    @royalg Oh ok, well at first it is difficult.
    But start doing some easy stuff, read books, don't only focus on 'Java'. But learn about programming in general.
    Java is just a translation of solution you created into a machine language that a compiler can process.
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    Just don't use Log4j and your future will be golden 😁
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    I have a it background and never got to learn Java...
    Tried for 3 days.
    In half that time I learned all I could about Ruby
    In that time I was in the middle of a python project (while learning it).
    Me no like Java
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    @jaylord why bro? What's wrong in Log4j? Give me some tips
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