How to make your employees feel like shit 101:

Continually praise a small group of people for doing something for a few days that someone else does as their full time job. Call what that team did "unlike anything else in the software development world"

I am soooo fucking pissed right now. You can guess what side of this I am on.

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    But was he right??😱
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    @Prutser Absolutely not.
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    Is this a prelude for laying them all off?
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    @Demolishun No I legit think this is just upper management being impressed by buzzwords.
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    @BobbyTables The same happened in one of my previous companies and the management thought no one would ever leave because of the “We Are Like A Family” culture they had.

    Guess what. Starting from me, 4 people from my team already left the company and they are looking for replacements which they will never get because whoever they hire only know the buzzwords and no skills 😏
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