Head of HR for a company I’ve never heard of has hounded me for days on Cord.io.
I’ve kept fobbing her off and showing disinterest but she kept on about how they’re so interested in talking to me because they need people with my experience. Blah blah.

I finally give in and arrange a call.

First question she asks is “So why do you want to work for us ?”

Wait, what ????
You came to me! I’ve never even heard of this tin shed company.

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    I don't. Apparently there has been a miscommunication. Have a nice day.
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    The question kinda makes sense as in "what made you give in and arrange the call."
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    @Demolishun well that is what I thought when she told me they only have 22 days holiday and “the only other benefits are that the developers have a voice”.
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    Don’t you want to work for a company that uses an inorganic script to screen non-applicants?
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