Anyone else noticed how Comp Sci teachers are always useless so you just end up teaching yourself way more than they've taught you?

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    Some are good. Some are bad.

    They are teaching you the basics so you can go learn for yourself. You have to learn a ton more "out in the real world" than you ever did in college.
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    My Comp Sci teacher has no experience with computers. I was basically my class's debugger and this was HTML and CSS and a 6th grade class. She also told the class that scratch uses python(it doesn't) and threatened to give me ISS(In school suspension) if I continued arguing with her so that was a fun experience.
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    I understood she had no coding knowledge and was forced to teach our class but threating me with ISS? I don't know, she was big on respect and refused to even take in new ideas. When kids went to her for help, she said to first try it on their own, even though they didn't know how to fix it, so I had to do it cause my teacher automatically elected me to help the class. I didn't mind but she still threatened me with ISS.
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    College instructors aren't supposed to teach you.

    They're supposed to show you the path. It's up to you too walk it.
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    @sariel M8. Considering how expensive tuition is these days they should even come wake you up every day with a healthy breakfast on a silver platter.
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    @nitnip amen to that.

    I remember being disappointed in college when I realized what I posted.

    Looking back, I needed it though. It forced me to take charge of my life and where I wanted to take it.
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    In university most were useless but I had this one teacher , he was a foreigner from Ethiopia.

    I always made sure I took all his classes, he not only taught me but created interest for me in software development.

    He did leave the uni though, wherever he is , may a bird poop on his head ( in our culture this signifies good luck )
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    This does make me appreciate our unis a bit more again. Not only is it 100% free, but it seems most Comp Sci teachers are actually pretty good at both their subject AND teaching
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    I think it stems from the overlap between people who know their field well enough to have lectures and the ones who know how to teach.
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    Not all are like that it's just there way of teaching in my point of view
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    My CS teachers were great, knew a lot, were excellent teachers, and helped us find jobs after college ;)
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    I had a great one...
    OK we did write pseudo code for 3 months.
    But because of the way he teached I can pick any programming language and learn it easy.
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