I'm... Confused? Undecided?
I like the place where I work because of the people... Even the worst are nice (tough sooner or later I'm gonna have words with the engineer... I had no problems so far but when he gets mad his a dick).
I'm being prazed a lot... One of my bosses say that I'm a find and every time I talk about looking for other jobs everyone tries to make me change my mind.

On the down side... They pay like shit. I should be getting double at entry...
Machines have no mantainance... One is even working without oil and that brakes my hearth.
I'm still a temp... One would think the owners would be doing everything to keep me, since I can get to a lvl that others take years and I keep finding mistakes that more experience workers don't see.
Well... I'll wait and see. They can't keep me as a temp for more than a year...

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