I’m a senior dev at a small company that does some consulting. This past October, some really heavy personal situation came up and my job suffered for it. I raised the flag and was very open with my boss about it and both him and my team of 3 understood and were pretty cool with me taking on a smaller load of work while I moved on with some stuff in my life. For a week.

    Right after that, I got sent to a client. “One month only, we just want some presence there since it’s such a big client” alright, I guess I can do that. “You’ll be in charge of a team of a few people and help them technically.” Sounds good, I like leading!

    So I get here. Let’s talk technical first: from being in a small but interesting project using Xamarin, I’m now looking at Visual Basic code, using Visual Studio 2010. Windows fucking Forms.

    The project was made by a single dev for this huge company. She did what she could but as the requirements grew this thing became a behemoth of spaghetti code and User Controls. The other two guys working on the project have been here for a few months and they have very basic experience at the job anyways. The woman that worked on the project for 5 years is now leaving because she can’t take it anymore.

    And that’s not the worse of it. It took from October to December for me to get a machine. I literally spent two months reading on my cellphone and just going over my shitty personal situation for 8 hours a day. I complained to everyone I could and nothing really worked.

    Then I got a PC! But wait… no domain user. Queue an extra month in which I could see the Windows 7 (yep) log in screen and nothing else. Then, finally! A domain user! I can log in! Just wait 2 extra weeks for us to give your user access to the subversion rep and you’re good to go!

    While all of this went on, I didn’t get an access card until a week ago. Every day I had to walk to the reception desk, show my ID and request they call my boss so he could grant me access. 5 months of this, both at the start of the day and after lunch. There was one day in particular, between two holidays, in which no one that could grant me access was at the office. I literally stood there until 11am in which I called my company and told them I was going home.

    Now I’ve been actually working for a while, mostly fixing stuff that works like crap and trying to implement functions that should have been finished but aren’t even started. Did I mention this App is in production and being used by the people here? Because it is. Imagine if you will the amount of problems that an application that’s connecting to the production DB can create when it doesn’t even validate if the field should receive numeric values only. Did I mention the DB itself is also a complete mess? Because it is. There’s an “INDEXES” tables in which, I shit you not, the IDs of every other table is stored. There are no Identity fields anywhere, and instead every insert has to go to this INDEXES table, check the last ID of the table we’re working on, then create a new registry in order to give you your new ID. It’s insane.


    And, to boot, the new order from above is: We want to split this app in two. You guys will stick with the maintenance of half of it, some other dudes with the other. Still both targeting the same DB and using the same starting point, but each only working on the module that we want them to work in. PostmodernJerk, it’s your job now to prepare the app so that this can work. How? We dunno. Why? Fuck if we care. Kill you? You don’t deserve the swift release of death.

    Also I’m starting to get a bit tired of comments that go  ‘THIS DOESN’T WORK and ‘I DON’T KNOW WHY WE DO THIS BUT IT HELPS and my personal favorite  ‘??????????????????????

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    Ouch man. Try to just the that this is only a temp thing, and soon you'll be back to your real job.
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    @RevThwack oh I have updated my CV and are pumping myself for the job hunt. It'll be fine, I'm sure, just took too long to do it due to said shitty personal situation. Thanks for the encouragement!
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    Daaaaaang, dude! That's 500++ right there! That rant by itself is worth a stressball. Welcome to DevRant!
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    Oh my God.
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    @linux-colonel thanks for the 2000th ++! How does the cardinal on my shoulder look? 😁
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    Thanks to @linux-colonel for the 2000th ++ and the cardinal! 😁
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    My pleasure! Saw 1999 and had to get you over the line
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    @linux-colonel so that's where the second comment went. I must have still been in the rant when I posted it.
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    That bit about the indexes... man.. I think it's perfectly legit to burn down their office.
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    This shit looks like my last employer. @PostmodernJerk Does that company name starts with an A?
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    This is a proper devRant 👍, but also 😢.
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    @Moicanos naw man, E**** and it's based in Madrid Spain !

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed my misery.
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    Hold on there mate! We feel you!
    I've been working on a similar project myself once. They didn't have a test environment and we had to make changes on production at nights for almost half a year.
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    Life sucks
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