" this person made me mad and blocked me after. You can hack their Facebook right... so I can get the last word "

No I can not. And even if I did posses the knowledge and ability to. Why should I care you were probably being stupid too to them.

I don't care to involve myself in petty people problems. Honestly If they blocked you that should be the end of it grow the fuck up.

It's 10 at night. Too late for people to be bothering me. Especially with stupid stuff.

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    Not enough braincells in that person's head to warrant a response here.

    Only a word of warning for people wanting to help with these kind of questions. If you do this you risk your entire life, the person who asks does not. And for what do you risk it?
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    Me : Yes, i can. But for that i would also need access to your account, so what's your username and password ?

    The guy : ummm..., Its fine, i realise that invading someone's privacy is bad.
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    I might be able to... That's 5000€ up front
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    Then you made them mad and blocked them
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