I got a contract with this schools to build a student portal,

I do all the needful and the project whatever guy insists that I use their current shared hosting to host this MERN stack application.

first of all, cPanel is my least favorite place when it comes to deploying, I actually dont do deploying I just hand it over to whoever is the IT guy there.

I discovered there's no provision for nodejs in their current plan, I go through all the stress of contacting the shitty customer support and the process of squeezing out useful information from them.

I'm only doing this because the project whatever has refused to pay me until their site is deployed. throughout the process of creating this project I had setup continous deployment on heroku and netlify and I had to beg this guy to look at the changes and review them.

well, today I asked the former guy that built the current site for the login details to the schools dashboard on the hosting providers site and he says he used his personal details for it, according to him projects from other organizations are there too.

I swear I'm going to loose my shit, freelancing sucks

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    Take it as a lesson, but you absolutely need to nail this down in the original contractual agreement before you start work. It can either take the form of you deploying it on infrastructure you're comfortable with (AWS, Azure, whatever) or just handing off after building for them to deploy - but it definitely *can't* take the format of some random guy demanding that you do something unreasonable or else he's going to withold payment. If that happens, you want to be able to say "as specified in the contract it's going to be deployed to (x), and any late payments will be chased through the appropriate legal channels."
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    @AlmondSauce bullies will always be bullies.

    the school actually thinks he's the developer and I never got any opportunity to meet the client in person or virtually.

    lots of misinformation and poorly communicated requirements because he's not a developer and doesnt know what to ask for or look for. this is really fucked up.
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    @ilechuks73 Condolences, that sounds really sucky.
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