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Had an idiotic colleague who re-implemented the insert image function as a shortcode. A “senior php developer”. No, I’m not kidding.

Him: “But this way we can set a class”
Me: “As you can with the standard mode”
Him “No you can’t”
Me: *shows*
Him (smiling): “well why don’t you remove my stuff then?”

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    You really aren't a senior when you never botched it like that.
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    You: "I will, in a moment, but I wanted to explain to you first why I'm going to remove it."
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    I learnt this the hard way ... never ever ever show anyone that you are capable of doing their job.

    This does two things - 1) does not harm their ego, and let's be honest, most of them have a fragile one like a lizard's dick) and 2) they don't get to offload their work on you
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    @Midnight-shcode perhaps I should have reacted like that, but I preferred to escalate it, back then, as it was months that this guy used every plausible excuse to throw their workload on me while the manager will fully ignored it. The colleague may have been bad, but the manager was plain incompetent and it’s unreal how good I felt after leaving that job.
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    @doa4aod thing is this was a pr, so I was supposed to highlight issues :s
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    I'm thankfully not familiar with wordpress. What did he do exactly though? Reading your post I'm just imagining something like

    <?= '<img src="..." class="'.$var.'">'; ?>

    instead of just plain html
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