We're using a setup with c# dotnet backend and js (React) front end... and do one in VS and the other in VS code. Any way to get one IDE to handle both properly? It's a huge pain but my manager told me that's just how they do it

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    You can definitely do both witj VS Code. However, I prefer JetBrains’ Rider. Sound like that won’t be an option for you tho.
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    @100110111 no, I'm pretty sure I'm limited to MS stuff at this place - I don't mind VS code but it really threw me they don't even try to get it set up to avoid using two different IDEs for the same application
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    No IDEs for me, just Sublime.
    I honestly don’t miss the extra features.
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    It's not ideal, but is it really such a huge pain? I've done similar when working on Angular FE with c# BE, it's doable. I never really got VS to play nicely with Angular or React
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    Setting the keyboard shortcuts in visual studio to be the same as in vs code made it bearable for me. You could do the same for whichever you prefer.
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