Just had a meeting about what our product's vision was going to be. Without actually talking about what that vision was. It was a statement of the business goal amd some nonsense about how we were going to pick tickets based on reaching said business goal.

Like, yeah. That's what we have been doing. You are not new here so why are you acting like it. And yet these people are the ones who make more money than me. I need to start saying more obvious things. Maybe I'll be made a director.

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    Trust me, you don't want to be a director.

    Your IQ will drop 10 points after a month of bullshit meetings where upper management circlejerks around the boardroom for two hours and places all the blame on one person.

    I've been in those meetings, I would rather pour sand under my eyelids.
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    @sariel I have been put in charge of a couple things on this project that involve working with other groups that already make me feel like this. Hell 90% of the product meetings make me feel like this. At least if I was a director I would get a jump in pay.
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    @projektaquarius I don't know how much more.

    At least in the places I worked, I was paid $10-20k more than any directors I worked with.
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