This was a long time ago, when I was an 18 year old junior dev in my first job and still studying at college part of the time.

The lead programmer saying things like “we [meaning the experienced devs] are alright if this project goes wrong but you need to prove that you can deliver because you could be out of a job”.
Thanks. Mofo set me right up for lasting confidence issues.

Less than two years later I was killing it when the language they used became object oriented. That asshole couldn’t understand any of the concepts.
That feeing of being out of my depth has lingered though.

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    That feeling of being out of your depth can be a good thing, it keeps you on your toes and motivates constant improvement to try to catch up to where you think you should be.

    And as long as the feeling stays you will keep moving the goal posts forward :)
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    Sounds like one of my previous tech leads.

    He gave another dev and I a task to automate some analysis of RF signals. (This files were MASSIVE).

    After a week, and nearly 5000 lines of bash, we were ready for code review. (Note: This code was for internal use only).

    He basically said he's going to do it because we weren't doing it right.....

    I quit soon after.
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