Any night, 1:30am, bedtime: "Yes! I can't WAIT for tomorrow to begin! I'm gonna make SO much progress on that personal project that I just KNOW is gonna change the world and make me a billionaire! My time is now!"

Next day, 9am, first call of the day: "Ugh, waking up SUUUUUCKS! But, fine, just gotta get through the workday, then it's beast mode time!"

5pm: "Ugh, that day SUCKED... meeting after meeting, constant interruptions for the few minutes I got to hack code, SO many emails, and hey, good day, only five new things pushed down from corporate to bang my head against! Feelings pretty mentally exhausted, but it's all good, I fortunately love this programming stuff, so first dinner, then a little exercise, spend some time with the family, and then it's time to COOOODE!"

10pm: "Ok, house is FINALLY quiet (fucking dog), just a little noise from my daughter staying up way too late again... kinda spent, but this project still excites me, and I may not get as much done as I was hoping, but fine, I can still make some tangible progress and that's what matters. Maybe just one last quick check of email, Reddit, make sure there's no new Hot Ones or Honest Trailers I gotta watch, update IDEA plugins and see what's new, then it's work time! Nothing can stop me now!"

Any night, 1:30am, bedtime: "SHIT! I GOT FUCK ALL DONE AGAIN! GO DAAAAAAAMN IIIIIT!!!!"

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    Story of my life.

    Plus a retconning boss and wonton stress and burnout and depression and a desire to live under a rock for the next decade. Yaaaaay!
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    This is exactly me. How can I change my damn habits!?
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    @valissavage Definitely agree. I've re-started this thing about half a dozen times because I realize a better way to architect the thing, or a change of tech stack, whatever. It's exciting as much as it's frustrating sometimes... but I also know the journey is as important as the destination. I've learned new things, things I wouldn't have had a chance to play with at work, so even if it never gets finished, it was still worth the time (and hey, I still enjoy this stuff, so there's that too!)
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