Worst interview?
Last 7 or 8....
I took 3 years of formation to get a job in a specialized area... To be offered only minimum wages.
On one I felt so offended that I was rude to the interviewer... Stupid lady saying that small people only get minimum wages...
And I was rude to her again last week... I'm trying to change jobs and replied to a job offer from the same company (dissimulated, I only knew because of the email) my reply: no thank you... If I wanted to work for minimum wage I would go cleaning...

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    Jeebus man. I am rooting for you to find something better.
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    We will see...
    I'm just so disappointed with life...
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    You should try hirect ,j ust felt sorry "after hearing about the lady interviewer"
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    Better days ahead. Keep your head up.
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