What do you think will replace Docker, given the new ToS?

I’ve read something about podman, but I’ve never tried it, so I can’t give a real feedback.

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    Podman is like docker , but :
    - its made for rootless runs;
    - supports more formats of images for containers;
    - has limited build capabilities
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    The new ToS is only about Docker Desktop, no?
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    @iiii i think so.
    So I don't give a fuck then.
    Docker CLI is all i needed
    GUI is for the weaklings
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    @darkwind so you using Linux Windows or Mac?

    If it's not Linux, you better get a license...
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    @darkwind it's not about gui. It's about cross platform hacks.
    If on Linux you just need plain docker.
    If on OSX or Windows you need a vm running Linux and all kinds of tricks to expose the filesystem, networking and events.
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    @sariel nah, I am good
    I live in Linux Kubuntu.
    And I even already deploy to k8s clusters with my faithful helm charts from pipeline
    So essentially in prod only container-d is used
    As it is current k8s container engine
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    Windows is not for web development
    It is only for games and desktop Dev.

    It is just another reminder that developing for web, for Linux servers, better be done from Linux
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    @darkwind ok so I want to make a cross platform dedicated server for my game. Still need docker.

    Also while I prefer Linux myself I disagree with the blanked statement and you conveniently left out the other OS widely used for webdevelopment.
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    @hjk101 the other ? The overpriced, overhyped piece of garbage made by that fruit company ? WSL is superior to that crap.
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    @sariel why would anyone even try using docker on windows when it heavily relies on the presence of Linux kernel in the first place... On windows it is emulation/virtualization at best.
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    @iiii its litterakly using virtualization. When docker is used the virtualization of windows is disabled because it interferes with hyperv
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    @iiii it is only for docker desktop, but I’d still expect some backlash/confusion and somebody taking advantage of it, especially with the windows issue… as for the main reason why somebody would want to use windows I can think a few…

    Let’s assume you use the docker image for secondary operations (generating something, for instance), then these scenarios open up:

    - Working with unity/unreal/any other developed-for-both-platforms-but-not-really program
    - Corporate restrictions
    - Not wanting to have to deal with Linux issues (they take time/effort one may not have)
    - working on something relying on directX
    - having to rely on a third-party solution
    - Making software for other companies
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    @hjk101 it's the Open Containers Initiative.

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    WSL has all the filesystem stuff figured out, most of the networking too and there are tons of guides for how to get docker working with it.

    So the final situation is all too familiar: Windows/Linux has first-class support for some great tech, Linux/Windows has a well supported free shim, Apple users pay.
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    @piratefox Linux virtual machine with normal docker... Better than WSL, imo.
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