Turned 31 yesterday and the wife surprised with these awesome hand painted rubber duckies of some of my fav characters 😁

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    Who's the second one from the left?

    They are all awesome!!
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    @KennyTheBard it’s BoJack… The sides have his sweater pattern but it’s not visible here…
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    Ahh it kind of resembles BoJack

    but it's not the same without his graying hair
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    Most epic thing I'll see today
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    you're 31 and have a wife?
    congratulations, you dodged the crumbling of society
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    oh damn, and I went for that sad comment, instead of the great funny one that's sitting right there?

    "Who are you?"
    (deep raspy voice) "I'm Quackman!"
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    @arginine congrats, bro.
    that's a keeper for sure.
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