Like "Why is Facebook webpage running so slow" (I think cuz of all the tracking stuff, and they are having trouble on my Linux machine). But I gave it a naive duck-duck and found this brilliant tip to "Reinstall JavaScript" to improve that performance. I'm just so speechless rn... And the cherry on the ice-cream is the link :D

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    At least that site have a good faith, I thought that link linked to some malware shit
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    The only thing damaged here is my faith in humanity
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    I am inspired for a new domain:

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    Really nice find!
    Everyone knows you should restart JavaScript first and only than resort to reinstalling.

    In Dutch we have the perfect saying for this:
    "Hij heeft de klok horen luiden, maar hij weet niet waar de klepel hangt."
    "He heard the bell ring but does not know where the clapper hangs"
    He thinks he knows the subject but the essence eludes him.
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    @miladiashe I'm fairly sure Java qualifies as malware these days.
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    Remember to top up your ram with more from downloadmoreram.com
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    @miladiashe " I thought that link linked to some malware shit"

    it's a link to download java.

    especially with the intent to use java-browserplugins, that qualifies as malware.
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    Always funny
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    I wonder how many people found this website, have "installed JavaScript" and then thought: "Wow that really helped! My facebook is much faster now." And then spread the word to their friends.

    I fear that thats way more than one would think.
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    @Lensflare Does java require a reboot? That could be most of the issues for most people. If it doesn't maybe just restarting browser or something.
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    @Demolishun I don’t remember if it requires a reboot. You know how long it’s been since I’ve installed Java? Me neither. 😄
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    @Lensflare I use it for minecraft and that is about it. I searched and cannot see a reboot required. I supposed if it has to change the persistent environment variables it might. But I think apps can adjust the path without doing that.
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