Why the hell is JS so terrible, and why do so many people resort to using is as a back end. So many packages, so many outdated dependencies. My coworkers and friends have heard me rant about my constant frustration with this terrible setup.

I understand the need for dynamic html but why have we bastardized this language to the extent we have.

Keep your projects up to date, it saves people a lot of trouble in the future.

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    Some people just really like the cheese sandwich stack
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    People are deploying JS full stack applications to CDN like cloudflare worker. Shit is blazing fast. Try sveltekit or remix with Prisma
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    " and why do so many people resort to using is as a back end."

    stockholm syndrome.

    we had nothing but javascript for the frontend. so people were force to use it. so they started to believe it is not absolutely worthless, ill-designed garbage that's not much more usable than brainfuck.

    now you have a huge amount of people proficient in GarbageScript. obviously some of those will get the idea of creating the full stack of garbage.
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    @tosensei There are two types of programming languages in the world:

    Ones that no one knows they exist

    and ones that everyone complains about.
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    “So many packages” ur saying it like it’s a bad thing. A lot of them are standardized in the industry. Before u install a dependency check out it’s GH stars and open:close issue ratio. The same mesh network of dependencies also dedupes a ton of repeating packages from ur disk.

    I come from a node js background and started a project in c++. Can’t believe these fuckers don’t have a standardized package manager yet.
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    @darrenrahnemoon tried vcpkg. Fucking nightmare
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    @h3rp1d3v it’s funny I was reading the arguments of c++ ppl on why you don’t need a package manager they’re like “oh u pull the repo once and everything is there” like ok there’s two problems with that:

    a) either the repo is gonna be 1GB in size just cuz of the duplicate dependencies and ur gonna be sitting there for 10 minutes for it to fetch everything

    or b) the repo is gonna use submodules which is essentially referencing a version of the dependency with extra steps so how is that different from a package manager having a small file that lists out all of it’s dependencies and versions?
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    @darrenrahnemoon but there's another metric of distinction: those that everybody complains about because people complain about everything, and those that everbody complains about because the truely are terrible.
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    Avoid frameworks and libraries full of themselves and it seems fine

    Unfortunately the culture sort of shifted when react entered the picture so everyone tried to be self important. I hope this phase ends. It reminds me of Linux package managers though, just ease of entry and the hipness of Facebook and google entered the picture... Google's npm repos are like viruses you just want to delete them asap... Uegh
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    Koajs is really pretty, but I guess people were okay with express and stuck with it over the years

    I don't actually know what backend libs people normally use but ♥️ koajs for servers
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