Upgraded from a gen 6 motherboard and cpu to a gen 11. And the difference is asounding.

My old setup did everything I needed it to pretty well. Hell it got me through college as well as multiple part time and full time jobs. As well as the system that I learned about 80% of what I know specifically for my career

But alas the old cpu's age started showing and I'd consistently throttle multiple threads when compiling or even just using 7z on large folders. Hell deleting anything above a couple hundred mb would pause for a few seconds

The new cpu is immensely faster on such tasks (probably cause of the extra 2 cores and cpu improvements since gen 6)

I haven't been this excited since I got my first SSD a few years ago and saw the immense boot time improvements. Maybe soon I'll get an nvme drive and really be zooming with this setup 不不不

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    I got 11th gen lappy this last fall. It is amazingly faster than my previous lappy (I think was 9th gen).
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    I'm on gen 9.5 and NVMe boot drive. Very comfy. Almost all downtime comes from my secondary storage drive which is a normal 1TB HDD
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    Doesn't your cpu sound like lacking proper cooling instead?
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    @iiii I'm using a triple rad AIO which is now on my new cpu which is apparently hotter. But it's doing just fine.

    But my dad asked for the old parts so when he uses them I'll mention he should check the temps over some time. You might be right idk. We'll see lol
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    Meltdown mitigations didn't help Skylake
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    Intel's gen 11 is probably the worst choice you could make. Gamers Nexus called them "waste of sand".
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    When I last upgraded my PC to something twice as fast at least in everything, Windows OS still managed to hog the C: 100% and slow everything to a crawl..

    Though now I'm suspecting Web Browsers..

    Why do they need to hog C: for like 3 minutes !

    I guess on my next upgrade to twice as fast, it will be only 1.5 minutes of hogging..

    Note, hogging only occurred after a specific Windows update cycle, before then, no hogging from anything !

    Also happens on another PC with Windows 10 on..
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