Many people were hired to work on new product, but no one have told them that for one or two quarters they will have to maintain 20 years old project. I was ranting about this, but in the end accepted my fate, wiped tears with money and moved on. However one of devs took another path. When he was asked to work with .aspx and jquery 1.X instead of react, he just said : "Not going to happen" and left the building.

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    And the result?
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    @Crost he was shot outside of the building
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    he's a pussy !

    you can refactor ASPX to run react + add needed web apis.

    you can "trick" asmx services to return valid JSON.

    All of that can run on .net 2.0

    Or maybe there is some browser restrictions ? (Like support IE6)
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    lol, the story of most of my jobs.

    get hired as unity3d+hololens r&d dev.

    oh actually we need a bit of maintenance on this legacy php project.

    and this other one.

    and this other one.

    actually, the hololens project is canceled, so maintaining those three php projects is now your full job description.
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    @Crost He never came back. In my country you can resign within first 7 days without any leave period.
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