I’ve somehow ended up in a situation where I have a big project to work on - alone, since I’m the only dev in the whole company with any expertise whatsoever in that area… which is exhausting enough by itself, since I have nowhere to turn to when I struggle with it, no one to rubber duck with and share the workload with, no one to review my code. On top of that, I’ve somehow become thee go to dev resource when it comes to this integration, that client’s custom shit and so on. I’ve been doing this big damn project since late August, and I keep getting pulled off it for weeks at a time. I think I haven’t had more than a day or two in a row to concentrate on it for at least 3 months… and my manager keeps asking me when it’ll be done. What I’d give for a few more devs to share the workload with…

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    Talk to your manager about it.
    Custom integration work is delaying the project. We should bring in more devs, so I can work on the project, or the mew dev can work on the project, And I will do integrations.
    No budget to hire? then sure - you can wait for the project more, as the integration stuff is nore important.
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    I could have written this. :(
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