Company I applied to is going to make an offer me tomorrow. I feel like they will try to kinda lowball me. Is it rude to ask for lets say plus 10 percent as soon as I receive the offer ? In your experience have you did this and how it ended?

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    Didn't they ask about your expectations before making you an offer? Usually if you gave a reasonable answer, they will either match it or try 5-10% lower. So I guess if that's their strategy, you could do the same in the opposite direction. Handle it diplomatically.. I notice you get more leverage with experience, when you're already employed, and if you have multiple offers lined up though
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    How did you sense they're going to lowball you? The only rude thing you can do is ask them "is this it?". How about, "are you open to negotiate?" that way, it relieves the pressure on you.
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