*swipes card*

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    'Murica, I presume? Cause even in a post-soviet joke of a country I'm from we use either RFID or a chip. I don't remember last time when I had to swipe
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    I was reading an article on ATM card cloning techniques, and what I found interesting was they specifically target the magnetic strip because its completely insecure and then just take the cloned cards over to the US to steal your money.

    Classic example of your security only being as strong as the weakest link in the chain.
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    Haven't needed to swipe my card since the early half of last decade rarely even use chip and pin anymore just contactless.

    I've all but forgotten what our actual currency looks like it's been so long since I regularly carried any cash.
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    Every. Fucking. Time.

    Except for when it's the exact polar opposite...
    (Swipe in anticipation of being told to do so, and then being told I need to use the chip) 😑
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    @querellaMMXII Would be good if the money gets taken out of the account straight away if contactless gets used.
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