TM: Hey, do you have a moment?

Me: not really, I'm already overtime and have enough work for the whole year.

TM: Yeah, we know. Just a quick meeting to discuss something awkward.

Me: Hmkay.


Later that day:

TM: Yeah. To make it quick - we're confused and bit dissatisfied with how project X turned out. The staging server is blazing fast, but the devs machines seem to be extremely slow... Some devs complained.

Me: No wonder. I said from the beginning that the devs shouldn't do X and Y, and that the dev machines need to be redone after staging is done - as we need to gather hands on experience first, cause no one could explain to me what resources the project actually needed.

TM: Oh. I wasn't aware of that.

Me: I guessed so. You were on vacation at the beginning and I didn't had the time to lead another team...

TM: Yeah... So the dev machines get replaced?

Me: They _could_ be replaced, but the devs would need to reset up their environment, as I and won't transfer the environment of the dev user.

TM: Ah... So they would have to retransfer their personal modifications, if they made any?

Me: Yes. As always, the basic setup just provides the necessary services, settings etc. - stuff like remote IDE settings on the machine, configuration etc is left out and we don't transfer it as it is usually too much of a hassle and risky, as every dev does have his / her own preferences, and we don't want to support every possible configuration out there.

TM: Just out of curiosity... Staging was ready like... Last year?

Me: Beginning of December, yes.

TM: Sigh.

Me: The jolly of having a kinder garten full of toys that no kid wants to clean up...

TM: No comment. The kinder garten Kids might make me a Pinata otherwise.

Me: If only they'd fill us with chocolate first instead of just beating us.


Tales of lazy devs, to be continued...

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    TM: Teammate? Thematic Motif? Task Mas…. Oh shit, it’s task master isn’t it?
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    @AmyShackles Team mate :)

    Though we're not really a team, but it fits (company has no strict hierarchy)
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    Sounds like what happens at my job. Some fellow devs not taking a hint.

    DevOps guy: look mate, we made a full cloud automation for your CI and you can connect on physical hardware with this hot new server. Try it out, it will make your job so much easier.

    Shitty dev: nah I think I'll keep running my non-parallelized CI on my personnal shitty Windows XP desktop with 4GB of RAM and core 2 duo CPUs that takes 10 times longer to run and get fuckall done all day.
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