Can anyone recommend resources on learning/revising big O and big Theta notation?

It’s the one thing that never seems to stick in my head, and the course material provided by university isn’t particularly useful.

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    Are you trying to compute them? Or just remember what they are?

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    @lungdart compute them.
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    I've never learned that before. It might be interesting.

    I've also never needed it, as I'm generally using existing algorithms I can just search the complexity of, rather than writing new ones.
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    Why? Are you writing a lib where performance is crucial?
    I’m curious because I’ve only ever encountered big O in the real world and never had to compute this stuff.
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    @Lensflare because it often forms part of questions for my uni work.

    I.e. write a function that does x,y, and z then explain the complexity etc.

    Basically I want to understand the subject better. The degree I am doing is a distance learning one, the materials for this module aren’t great and I want to augment my learning with some good outside resources.
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    Cracking the Coding Interview is a good book to getting started and has a good introduction.

    Also look at solved examples and try work it out yourself. then check
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    I learned thanks to a class in college.

    I think one of the reasons they're hard to learn is that many of us rarely do such heavy computations that we truly feel the pain if we don't optimize. So I think the fastest way to learn would be if you were building a project that really needed performance. That's how I learn best: when I really feel it's significant to the work at hand.

    (Sorry for an irrelevant answer that doesn't provide any concrete help)
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