Looking at various Devs & non-devs like myself, ranting, posting meme's [my bad];
I realised why we keep coming back. Nope not because of the notifications, but because devRant feels like home dare I say it, it feels like family.
Thank you @dfox @trogus & the other creators who aren't that famous [my bad I don't remember your names].

Thank you.

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    I think those are the only 2 devs that made the app
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    Indeed. As a developer, its hard to enjoy these contents with my friends... They don't see what I see in the memes and they don't understand why the situation is so funny.. Here, everyone gets it. And sometimes I'm the one who doesn't understand... But still. A wonderful community
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    Thank you, glad you're enjoying :)
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    Yeah, Just installed this app yesterday. Just awesome work. I literally wait for notifications, never happened in Facebook or Instagram.
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