Quited my Job.

So... How to spend half a salary in a day...
Go to the shrink after like 3 years of not completing my burn out treatment.
Btw been having health problems lately, incapacitating stuff.
Got so many medication that im using a grossery bag.
Also had to quit my job... I just can't work can barely think, have no strength and a pressure in my head all day.
Now.. I was a temp, working in shifts on a shitty badly paid job, so fk it. 3 weeks down time, then I just quitted...
Now, on my parents house, getting 1 day of sick leave means a person doesn't want to work... How am I gonna tell them that I quitted... Lol
A few years ago I had to ear stuff like your lazy and don't want to work up to the day I got couth trying to cut my wrists... And I'm against suicide.
Now I dont know if I should hope my recent health problems are burn out related or not... Because some of the other possibilities are quite bad... I mean worst.
Can't think, fealing depressed because I hate to not be able to give 100%... And I just keep looking at my CNC machine... Finnaly got enough pieces to finish my project, but I can't get the will to do so... And it's there, in front of me, the opportunity to create my own job...
Life sucks

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    If you get the same crap from your parents now, make it clear to them that this is the moment you need them to be supportive.
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    @electrineer this.

    And if they can't be supportive call an emergency mental health hotline in your area. They should have information about resources at your disposal that would provide the help and support you need.

    It's so easy for us to tell you to stay strong, and I know from personal experience it feels impossibly difficult. Take everything a day at a time. Little success are what drives us forward.

    What is an ocean without all the drops of water?
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    Just wanted to say good luck on your recovery dude. I think it's really brave you quit while you didn't need to.
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    Nah, don't worry, man. This is just a rough patch you are going through. Good days are yet to come and they are coming

    Just sit with your Parents and make them understand. I'm sure they will empathize and sympathize with you
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    It sounds like burnout.
    I have most of the same debilitating symptoms, and I’m a burned out husk.

    I’m taking extended leave and then probably trying to find a less stressful job.
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