I have not worked all day today and have only attended meetings. Going to call in a half day since I am in a total unhealthy (cheese puffs and fried food) kind of day today and have just been in my bed binge watching.

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    Meetings are work.
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    @gosubinit I agree but it's past 2pm here, and since morning I have only attended 1.5 hours of meetings, so - have not been working
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    Hum, I see, I thought you meant being swamped with meetings. Bored being at home? Maybe a atmosphere change could help?
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    In the end, it is Friday. So, enjoy the weekend!
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    @gosubinit no. meetings aren't work. meetings are occupational therapy, with the difference that they're bad for mental health.
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    @gosubinit I think I am just tired and overwhelmed since being moved to a new project
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    @cjde225 Work is not intended to be fun anyways, that's why people pay us to do it. I focus on the things my job and salary help me to achieve, like making some friends, improving on my profession, getting money to travel or to go to a restaurant I like, things like that. Think about it for yourself.

    Also, try to not allow overtime. Difficult, but conversation, frequent alignment and transparency are key.

    I hope you have a good week 🤗
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    @gosubinit Thanks mate

    Salary is the only ultimate motivation especially on the low days
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