First post.
Ah, finally a place like stack overflow where no one will down vote me!

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    Don't challenge us. We might -- you just for the hell of it!!

    Seriously now, welcome. Get a ++ instead.
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    Welcome to devRant.
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    Welcome to devrant, please dont post xkcd comics
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    Hmm... how are you so sure about that? *downvotes under the hood*
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    I'm rather triggered that you think we are like stackoverflow
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    So long as you don't post memes, then we won't downvote... :)

    Btw, this rant is classed as too broad and should be downvoted xD
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    welcome to devRant! And this is not similar to SO in any way, except that programmers hang out here. Here you don't post questions about why your code doesn't work, but you rant the fuck out of it.
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    Think again.
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    Thank you all for such a warm welcome ☺
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