Why do companies waste serious cash in office parties? I'm talking about those hundred-thousand-dollar extravaganzas that major tech companies seem to be addicted to.

Poll after poll finds that most employees would rather have the cash, so "kissing the collective asses of tech staff so that they won't leave" is not an explanation that holds up.

The "Roman Triumph" explanation also does not make any sense. If rich assholes want to flex their immeasurable riches, why would they invite mere mortals that do not put a lot of effort in being famous or pretty? Couldn't they invite the entire Victoria's Secret catalogue of models and the NE Patriots? Surely it would make for much more impressive photos of decadence.

The "Michael Scott" explanation also falls short. Companies spend serious cash on consultants and professional party planners, that are sure to know a lot of people. Money can and often does buy personality, so no rich asshole is ever a party dud.

Why else do they force most of their own staff into what they perceive as a "do not relax or you may get fired" loud and poorly lit meeting that takes hours to dress up for? What am I missing?

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    Rich people like showing off in front of poor people, even more so if they can make the poors suffer by having to play along under implied threat of punishment.
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    because those parties get decided by the people on top. and the people on top don't case about what the people below them want or need.
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    Two words. Tax deductible
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    I'm glad the only "parties" my companies would throw costed as much as a couple crates of beer. I def couldn't stand it sober.
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    @NotJeckel , @tosensei that's the part that surprises me. If they don't care about the people below, why even bother inviting them? Tech Employees are mostly average-looking people. Rich assholes could get professional pretty people to come to their roman triumph.
    @nibor 's explanation makes a lot of sense, though.
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