I think WW3 will be started by misunderstanding. China will invade Japan. And the scene I can imagine will be :

A random Japanese: "Konichiwa"
A random C official : "攻我菊花?🤬"

Secondly, Russia invade Malaysia and Indonesia , after we told president Putin "Kita Suka awak"

And then that's how ....


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    Can you translate those words?
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    攻你菊花 is "penetrating your anus " (direct transliteration "gong ni ju hua" sounded like "Konichiwa")

    "Suka" is "like" in Malay and Indon , example "saya Suka kamu" (I like you ) but this word mean different thing in Russian, which is "сука"
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    I know we "must not talk politics" on devrant, but there are some leaders that don't need a reason to invade another country other than wanting to grow their influence and power.

    That sort of politics is like when playing Civilization, and sooner or later, no matter how fair and friendly you act as a player, one of the AI players accuses you of betrayal to end your alliance and declare war instead.
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    @fraktalisman age of empire be like....
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    What are you talking about?
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    @iiii The ukraine and russia is more like millitary conflict, since its not even about getting the entire ukraine, but rather donetsk and luhansk that has a lot of people that identify /or is russian who wants to be independent from ukraine.

    So russia has been smart enough to could use that to accept their request for indenpences and sending soldiers to those areas by request of the separalist leaders.

    So i think it really depends on if ukraine will defened those ares or not. What would happen next.

    If no: i dont think anything more will happen.

    If yes: they could likely invade more of the country.
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    So why don't they just leave for Russia then? I mean it's not life Russia would reject them.

    If I was unhappy with my country, I would just abandon it like a normally functioning human.

    This has nothing to do with the separatists, they're just a convenient scapegoat.

    This has everything to do with Putin khuylo.
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    As if China needed a misunderstanding to hate Japan. The CCP totally condones those sentiments and has been brainwashing its population for years to make them utterly despise their neighbors, stoking their hatred to the point where older generations go into a fury if they so much as see a woman wearing a kimono.

    Honestly, I wonder if the day will come when that boiling pot will finally explode. Will the order come from the CCP or will a random chinese soldier jump the shark and commit an act of violence that sparks the conflict needed for China to be seen as a rabid dog that needs to be put down? In any case, I'm sure the first reaction will be to blame spies for it.
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    @Frederick I know all that. I am Ukrainian 🙃

    My bet, Russia will not invade further as it is not in any way beneficial for them. No other provinces had so much discontent

    And Ukraine will probably not retaliate as the military power is clearly not in favor of that. Russian military is stronger. The only thing they can do is blabbering their mouths as they were doing for the past 5 years.
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    @Frederick but I still do not understand why is that anyhow connected to the post
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    @iiii To point out that war is not likely to happen in. At least in world wsr scale. So its pointless to think its dooms day.
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    @Frederick not even on a local scale. As I see it, current situation would most probably deescalate, unless ukrainian govs are suicidal to throw armed forces at russian ones.

    PS: i am not entirely dismissing them being suicidal. those idiots could do that.
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    ww3 will start on the back of the 4spaces/2spaces/tab wars.
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    Well, I was wrong. No one expected this.
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    Kyiv, Lviv, next they bomb Berlin?

    Stay safe everybody!
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