Action takes place during demo to the stakeholders.
Manager : During the demo we will show a working prototype of new functionality. In this sprint we focused on that feature not on UX. Please do not pay attention to UI and focus on business values
*Dev starts sharing screen*
*1 sec after*
Executive : This is unacceptable. It looks gross, why you don't use default controls.
Manager : We did, this is how they look like, but please do not pay attention to UI, it is not finished
*Dev continue presenting*
*1 sec after*
Executive : I see missing comma in that sentence. It is unacceptable to show features in that state, lets move on to another team.

It was really large feature working as a charm, but they focused entirely on unpolished UI :/

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    That's upseting... That would make my blood boil tbh
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    Been in a few where the same thing happened. Makes you wonder how the human race survived so long when people can’t understand something so basic
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    That is management that would rather you polish a turd than to squeeze a diamond out of coal.
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    I am currently working on an app where "looks don't matter, yet". We will see how this goes.
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