Finally got my hands on this awesome and beautiful game <3

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    What game is that 😍
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    @Cyanite elite dangerous horizons
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    @Mayhem93 I will have to look into it.. At first glance, my mind instantly jummped to SpaceEngineers.
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    I don't have horizons.. But even the base game is beautiful. But the most beautiful things are deadly.. And keep trapping me in their gravity.
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    Is it worth trying out? Might play it later
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    @dexie if you have patience for it, it's quite difficult for a beginner, especially for one who hasn't played any space Sim. I played X3 before this quite a lot. There are some beginner guides on YouTube.
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    @Mayhem93 damn, sounds like it's not for me :(
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    The 2.3 update is set to come out within a week. Will have some great new stuff.
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