What are some growth point for the developer who needs to work as PM too?

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    Get organized. Can't stress this enough. Compartmentalize discussions and take plenty of notes.

    Taking notes is a good way to CYA. Always CYA, because everyone always blames the pm when a deadline is missed.

    Own the room. When you're on a call with a client or developers own the conversion and drive it where you need it. Don't understand the requirements? Ask about specifics. Don't expect anyone on the call to just give you the information you need.

    Split your days up my between PM work and dev work. And get ready for longer hours just because you will miss deadlines without it.

    Good luck!
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    Keeping your focus on the bigger picture…and making sure all the bits are aligned in service of it.

    Devs go off on tangents. And are always say that a problem is in the other team’s code.

    There are many tech people who can deal with detail, but delivering actual value is a rarer talent.
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    Get a new job :)
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    If you are gonna be a PM in a team of four people or more, forget being a dev - all your time will be spent on organizing, checking how things are going and attending hours upon hours of meetings.

    Seriously, non-devs like to ask daily how projects are going, so there is a billion update meetings that could have been emails. They will spend hours of your time asking to put some things in excel. And once in every ten days they ask for a new project and you have to reprioritize.

    So, yeah, you basically become a non-dev.
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    @sariel Great advice! I'm starting tomorrow and I'll note this frok day one.
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    @true-dev001 office politics 101, not sure if this needs to be said but saying it anyway.

    The whole CYA thing. There's times when it's beneficial to your working relationship to take the hit even though you obviously weren't at fault. Use your best judgement.

    Like my father told me when I first got married, "you don't always need to be right or win the argument." It's true for working relationships as well but far more nuanced.

    Best of luck to you and a great success!
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    @sariel So you are suggesting to prioritise my work relationships over "right or wrong ' argument?

    I hope I won't see that day.
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